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the yinsa story

the who, the what and the why


Meet Daniele, the founder and creative director of Yinsa!

Daniele Gates is an ayurvedic wellness consultant and Yin yoga teacher in the NYC metro area, operating primarily out of Brooklyn, NY. She is the founder of the Yinsa lifestyle and skincare lines.

What the #@!* is yinsa?

(it's okay. we get that a lot.)

Yinsa is more than just a cool coined term; It's an Ayurvedic, yoga-centric wellness lifestyle founded on the premise that preservation of the body and soul is the key to a joyful life. Living a nutritionally and mindfully balanced lifestyle that includes self-care through daily rituals and practices, patience with long-term lifestyle changes, the practice of yoga, and the inclusion of joyful, cultural experiences make up the core principles of Yinsa.

We're living in a Yang world. It's a perpetual Vinyasa class: We're constantly moving and flowing in our multiple roles. Living a Yinsa lifestyle means stopping the flow for a bit to care for yourself through a deep and supportive Yin yoga practice, combined with the ayurvedic self-care routines and rituals that aim to target imbalances in the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha doshas.
Yinsa is an ayurvedic, yoga-centric wellness lifestyle.

okay, but why 'yinsa?'

We can explain.

Living in the 21st century means living a high-paced and demanding lifestyle. Yinsa Flow Yoga is a meditative practice combining principles of the Dao and Hatha yoga lineages along with slow-flow vinyasa movements. Yin postures are held from 3-5 minutes and delve deep into the body by breaking fascial barriers and releasing tension in both the body and soul. Yinsa yoga forces us to be still; a practice that is so rare for those of us living modern, media focused and constantly moving and changing lifestyle. Through stillness we can become well, balanced, and joyful.

Yin Yoga and a focus on the use of breath to release negative energy from the body, combined with essential oils and skincare treatments designed to complement your ayurvedic dosha, is the primary practice of Yinsa.

this girl?

Daniele Gates is a lifelong learner and educator who is currently teaching in NYC public schools.  Afer searching for balance in a life as a teacher and single parent, Daniele Gates began practicing yoga in 2010. In 2014 she committed to sharing the yoga lifestyle with the world after receiving her 200-hour certification from Pure Yoga in NYC.

She has since continued her studies in Therapeutics, Sound Therapy, Yin, and Ayurveda and is working towards becoming a certified yoga therapist.  Daniele learned about Ayurveda in her first 200-hr training, and has been educating herself in the world of Ayurveda ever since.  After developing a number of Ayurvedic skincare products for both herself and her clients, Daniele created Yinsa to marry the worlds of Yoga and Ayurveda, and creates individualized skin care products for clients all over NYC and across the globe.