Fall Equinox Workshop

Fall Equinox Workshop

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Join Daniele Gates, founder of Yinsa, for a fall equinox workshop and grounding yoga practice. We will set intentions for the new season, explore nutritional and lifestyle adjustments that are appropriate for the fall, and move with intention.

The new fall season brings many energetic changes. Clothes become heavier, days become longer, and once the thrill of the first pumpkin spice latte wears off, we can have any number of responses to the new season. Through the lens of Ayurvedic study and therapeutic yoga, we will explore methods to make this seasonal shift as smooth as possible.

All workshop participants will receive a swag bag including a fall equinox workbook and samples of Yinsa products.


What do I need to bring?

A yoga mat and a pen. All other materials will be provided.

What kind of yoga are we practicing?

We will practice a grounding Yin/Yang class with some slow flow in the beginning and longer, grounded holds at the end of the practice.

What if I’ve never practice yoga before?

This is the perfect class for you! The class is appropriate for all levels.

What if I am used to fast-paced or hot classes?

The Yin practice will release tension in the fascia that is often the result of weight training, running, spinning, and more rigorous cardio and yoga practices.

What if I have no clue what Ayurveda means or what energetic shifts happen in the fall?

Most people don’t - that’s why a workshop model is best. We can use the beginning of the session to talk about seasonal changes and ask/answer questions, then practice yoga at the end of the workshop.

What if I have questions?

Email danielegates@yinsayoga.com

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