To add this host's bio, go to the Options tab and paste it into the Excerpt.

To add their photo and format it properly, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the placeholder and upload your photo.

  2. Click ‘Edit.’

  3. Crop the photo to a square (no need to adjust the size). Save that change (but stay in the editor).

  4. Click ‘Frames.’ Choose Original > Lumen. Click save.

To add their website link and format it properly, follow these steps:

  1. Under Options, go to Source URL. Paste her website URL here.

  2. Check the box ‘Post Title should link to Source URL.’

  3. In the Excerpt under Options, find her name.

  4. Highlight it and click the link icon in the Excerpt toolbox.

  5. Add the link and select ‘open in a new window.’

Once you've completed these steps, add their name to the TAGS section under the Content tab. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Now, you can:

  1. Save & publish this host's bio.

  2. Go to your event page and find the section you'd like to add them to.

  3. Add a new LIST summary block beneath the last panelist and format the summary block to match the others as follows:

    1. Content > Blog > Workshops & Event Hosts

    2. Layout:

      1. Aspect Ratio 1:1

      2. Image Size 20%

      3. Image Alignment: Opposite of whatever the previous one was

      4. Text Size: Large

      5. Text Alignment: Left

      6. Metadata: Below Content

    3. Display:

      1. Number of Items: 1

      2. Show Title, Number, Excerpt (NOT read more)

      3. Primary & Secondary Metadata: None

      4. Tag Filter: Panelist or Host Name

... Their details should now populate and should match the same styling as the other panelists!