Mary Vin Rose, Panel Moderator and Host of Healthy Living in the Bronx

Mary Vin Rose is a Television Host, Producer and Actor currently based in New York. She is best known for her limited talk cable series Healthy Living in The Bronx, where she highlights people and organizations that are helping Bronx residents live a healthier life. Mary is a self-love and mental health advocate who is dedicated to promoting wellness through art and media.

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Josie Rosario, Mental Health Professional & Wellness Speaker

Josie Rosario is a New York City-based mental health professional, yoga instructor, and wellness speaker. She leverages these roles to fulfill her life’s purpose of helping others heal. Whether it’s providing mental health services to adults, children and families, promoting holistic health through yoga or bringing dialogue about wellness to private and public spaces, Josie is passionate about using an integrative approach to well-being. Prior to this work, Josie spent 11 years in the education space domestically and abroad, as a teacher, coach and school leader. She holds degrees from Columbia University and Hunter College.

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Jessica StrohmJosie Rosario
Jessica Jade, Holistic Health Coach

Jessica Jade empowers women to practice self-care and embrace their feminine health! She is a Holistic Health Coach, the Wellness Writer of, and Artisan of the organic skincare line SunKiss Organics. As a holistic health coach, she encourages women to carve time for self-care and to live in alignment with their feminine health. She provides them with the tools and support to eat real food, live active lives, have beautiful glowing skin, and experience healthy relationships. Jessica's wellness site also inspires women to focus on self-care by offering natural beauty recipes, healthy home tips and tricks for living a balanced life.

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Daniele GatesJessica Jade
Daniele Gates, Founder and Creative Director, Yinsa

 After searching for balance in a life as a teacher and single parent, Daniele Gates began practicing yoga in 2010. In 2014 she committed to sharing the yoga lifestyle with the world after receiving her 200-hour certification from Pure Yoga in NYC. She has since continued her studies in Therapeutics, Sound Therapy, Yin, and Ayurveda and is working towards becoming a certified yoga therapist.  After developing a number of essential oil-based therapeutic blends  for both herself and her clients, Daniele created Yinsa to marry the worlds of Yoga and Ayurveda.  Today, she leads intimate workshops and large-scale wellness events throughout NYC.

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Daniele Gates, Founder and Creative Director of Yinsa

Jenna Hillier is a Transformational Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher and Speaker in New York City. Her mission is to compassionately disrupt the status quo to help you find a unique, healthy lifestyle you can actually stick to. Jenna specializes in activating vibrant health in visionary leaders, from Entrepreneurs to Corporate Executives, so that they can live in alignment with their soul purpose while embodying next-level energy, focus, positivity and prosperity at work. She shares her multifaceted teachings through writing, workshops, speaking, her signature online group program Live NOW! and 1:1 mentoring.

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Kate Kuss, Yoga Teacher

Kate Kuss has been teaching yoga and meditation for almost a decade. She started practicing yoga during the start of her media and advertising career in New York City. While working for top companies in the industry, Kate found yoga as a way to release from the everyday stress that came with along with the responsibilities. Kate wanted to pass along the learnings to help others, so she started teaching yoga. Her classes are non-judgmental, authentic and provide the ancient wisdom of the yoga culture. Kate teaches in a style that pushes students to break their boundaries and build flexibility and strength. Kate is recognized for her honest approach and her personal journey of being fearless both on and off the mat.

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Jessica StrohmKate Kuss