Spiritual Warrior Pack

Spiritual Warrior Pack


Ready to take your spiritual practice to the next level? Try our spiritual warrior gift set! Each set is beautifully gift-wrapped for the holidays and includes the following:

1 Selenite Wand

1 Rudraksha Mala (for Japa Meditation)

3 Palo Santo Sticks

1 Sage Bundle

1 Gemstone Roller with White Frankincense Meditation Oil PLUS 2 Additional Rollerballs with Black Frankincense and Patchouli

1 Mini Book of Meditations

1 Ganesha Statue

1 Intro to Meditation booklet that explains how to use all of these things!

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selenite wand is a versatile crystal tool used for energy cleansing, meditation, healing and more. Referred to as “liquid light,” Selenite has the ability to quickly unblock stagnant, stuck energy to promote a healthy, smooth flow of energy throughout your body. It dispels all negative energy from your system, bringing calming energies, mental clarity and deep peace. These wands are an energy tool that everyone needs in their home! Hold one in each hand for meditation, or use one to clear your aura on a daily basis--the possibilities are endless.

Rudraksha beads used in Malas have many purposes. It is a holy bead in Hindu/Bhakti tradition. Lord Shiva wore Rudraksha garlands and these beads have been used in Malas for centuries for meditation because of their ability to calm the mind, body, and soul.