Tridoshic Gemstone Rollers

Tridoshic Gemstone Rollers

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Real Gemstone roller balls combine the benefits of crystals and aromatherapy. Choose your scent and your gemstone at checkout!

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Hematite - focus, clarity, concentration

Carnelian - vitality, motivation, creativity

Yellow Tiger Eye - stability and grounding

Rose Quartz - clearing out of anger, jealousy, resentment - clears negative emotions

Blue Lace Agate - calm, happiness, peace

Amethyst - sleep, healthy tissues and organs

Sodalite - emotional balance, releasing old programming from past/ancestral trauma

Green Aventurine - lungs, liver, sinus, heart

Red Leopard Jasper - vigor and energy

Red Aventurine - physical energy

Rainbow Fluorite - order and stabilization

Brecciated Jasper - grounding and organization

Clear Crystal Quartz - revitalize mind/body/soul connection