Tripack (Facial Care Starter Pack)

Tripack (Facial Care Starter Pack)


One cleanser, toner, and nourish oil (Tridoshic)

Ingredients:1 oz toner, 1 oz face oil, 8 oz cleanser

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Dosha starter packs are the perfect way to introduce a daily routine to your schedule in the morning and evenings. Each of the products in the starter pack are made for your specific dosha, and the essentail oils and base oils, powders, and exfoliants work together to create a balanced skin care routine that will improve overall skin wellness over time. We are constantly hearing how our clients skin is "glowing" after using these products together, and the essentail oils are of the highest quality and potency, creating lasting effects on mood stablilization and overall wellness everytime you engage in the 3-step skin care process. The cleanser, toner, and nourishing oil in the starter packs are a perfect gift to introduce friends and family to the world of Yinsa.