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What makes ayurvedic skincare better than normal skincare?

why ayurvedic skincare?

Ayurvedic medicine teaches us that we are blessed with a uniqueness that makes it impossible to treat our bodies with products based on averages. In Ayurvedic medicine, our dosha, or unique mental and physical constitution, dictates how we should care for ourselves. Ayurvedic practitioners understand that no two people are the same, which means that there is no one-size-fits-all method of treating common skin care concerns like breakouts, dry skin, and skin that is sensitive to chemicals. 

When you use skin care products made specifically for your skin type, you have a better chance of having a regimen that works well for you.  Additionally, the application process itself is beneficial.  Massaging nourishing skin treatments into your face and body every morning and night stimulates blood flow, increases the movement of lymph, and decreases the amount of puffiness and stagnation that can occur from merely slopping some chemicals on our faces. 

When we take good care of our bodies by putting only the finest natural ingredients both in and on them, our bodies take better care of us!

The products in Yinsa's handmade ayurvedic skincare line have been specially designed and formulated with each of the three doshas in mind. To learn your dosha, take the Yinsa Dosha Quiz.

Listen to the veda.


tridoshic skincare

Designed to balance all three doshas. These products make great gifts!


Vata dosha skincare

Balances the Vata dosha using carefully selected oil blends.


Kapha dosha skincare

Balances the Kapha dosha using carefully selected oil blends.


pitta dosha skincare

Balances the Pitta dosha using carefully selected oil blends.

Yinsa skincare supports your physical and spiritual well-being by catering to the needs of your dosha.

yinsa skincare

veda for your body

Yinsa encourages you to develop lasting self-care habits through the practice of ayurvedic skincare. Our three-step skincare process is a therapeutic 10-15 minute morning & night regimen that caters to your body's physical and spiritual needs through the lens of Ayurveda. To get the most out of your Yinsa skincare experience, it's best to know your dosha, (your individual constitution). To find out what your dosha is, take our quick, 5-minute Dosha Quiz! All Yinsa skincare products are handmade with love and natural ingredients by Yinsa founder, Daniele Gates.

By including Yinsa skincare as part of your daily routine, you're dedicating twenty - thirty minutes a day to the valuable and important practice of self-care.