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a new way to inspire joy

veda for your body and soul.

Preservation of the body and soul is the key to a joyful life, and it starts with the Yinsa lifestyle, because an ayurvedic lifestyle that includes a yoga practice is the best way to maintain self-care.

Yinsa aims to teach you how to take more time for yourself, and what to do with that time.

The best part? You don't need to change your whole life right away. All it takes is a few positive changes to start experiencing the benefits of Yinsa, and you'll find that greater change follows naturally.  

Fire is one of the five ayurvedic elements.

How can yinsa help me?

less chaos + more balance = life inspired

Yinsa provides you with solutions to both acute and chronic stress by introducing self-care practices including yoga and ayurvedic wellness. Practicing the Yinsa lifestyle, especially in tandem with Yinsa skincare, can transform your life in powerful ways.

Yinsa can help you...


Manage your stress

improve your skin

gain confidence

feel more beautiful

find joy and peace

reduce your anxiety



Ayurvedic Wellness

A Personalized Consultation

An ayurvedic wellness consultation is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the concept of Yinsa. At your personalized consultation, we'll discuss your current lifestyle concerns and your intentions for the future. Are you looking to incorporate a daily yoga or medication practice? Include more holistic self-care practices and treatments to prevent illness and injury?

Your initial assessment will last between an hour and an hour and a half, and can be conducted in person, over the phone, or via Skype.

When we're done, you'll have a clear idea of how Yinsa can help you, as well as a customized action plan to help you reach your goals.

$99 USD / 1 - 1.5 HOURS


Private yoga practice

tailor-made to suit your personal growth goals

We know what you might be thinking.

 "I can't do yoga.  I'm not flexible."

Walking into a group yoga class for the first time can be overwhelming and intimidating, especially when you're feeling inflexible or weak. Private yoga is your answer: It's the best way to alleviate the scare-factor, and address personal issues such as anxiety, depression, and injuries.

Private yoga tailors the practice to the individual for a fully-customized, powerful experience. 

$99 USD / 60 MINUTES


ayurvedic yoga & Skincare

learn the art of self-care

Skin is our largest organ. With a combined ayurvedic yoga and skincare session, you can learn skincare practices and yoga postures appropriate for your dosha. You can use this time to learn the art of self-massage and familiarize yourself with yoga postures to practice on your own.

Using Yinsa's three-step skincare system in combination with meditation and aromatherapy will calm the mind, body, and soul.

$109 USD / 60 MINUTES


guided meditation

A fully-customized experience

Typically, the introduction of a regular meditation practice is essential to achieve the goals you set for personal growth. Yinsa supports this process through the development of a customized meditative experience designed specifically for you.

Purchase a single customized guided meditation session OR practice on your own with a customized 10-session package package of guided meditations recorded just for you.

During your private meditation session, we'll introduce basic meditative techniques that you can use daily on your own. We can continue to practice together as often as you'd like, or we can meet to reflect and revise practices depending on season, lifestyle changes, and more.

$39 USD / 30 MINUTES

With a customized 10-session package, you'll complete a questionnaire designed to identify your current needs. With these needs in mind, we'll provide 10 special recorded meditation sessions, thoughtfully tailored to your personal growth goals.



Yinsa for You

Private services


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