Kaphacify - Kapha-balancing Massage & Body Oil

Kaphacify - Kapha-balancing Massage & Body Oil

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Kapha massage & body oils have two purposes - they can be used for ayurvedic self-massage or as a traditional body oil. These oils are meant to provide both aromatherapy benefits, including stimulation and improved mood, as well as to moisturize the body.

Ingredients: Organic unrefined sweet almond oil; essential oils: Frankincense, Jasmine, Lavender, Geranium; Vitamin E.

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About Kapha Massage & Body Oils

Pratima Raichur, visionary and ayurvedic skincare pioneer, states that ayurvedic massage is “one of the best ways to slow down the skin's aging process and achieve overall softness and luster, because it works to purify, nourish, and tone the body on a deep cellular level....It is also a powerful stress management tool that reopens blocked energy channels and balances the psychophysiology."

Kapha massage & body oils are specifically intended for people with a Kapha constitution. This means you have soft, dense skin that tends to be oily, especially in the T-Zone. Kapha-balancing massage oils are intended to address Kapha imbalance, and include lighter base oils and invigorating essential oils.

Each Abhyanga massage oil is hand-poured and made to order. Not sure if Kapha oil is right for you? Take a dosha quiz to find out!

Abhyanga massage can be practiced both in morning and evening, (either before or after the shower), though people with Kapha constitutions do not usually need self-massage twice a day.  If you follow a once-a-day self-massage practice, your massage oils will last twice as long!

These oils makes excellent gifts because the ingredient cards are all handwritten, showing the amount of thoughtfulness and love that goes into each and every product. Each oil combination has been tested and approved by friends and family, but we continue to welcome feedback on all of our products as we go public.

The benefits of all carrier and essential oils are listed below, but this in no way takes the place of, or is intended to offer medical advice from an allopathic doctor. 

If you have questions about any of Yinsa’s carrier or essential oils, please do not hesitate to reach out; We respond quickly!

Please be mindful that some carrier and essential oils are not recommended for pregnant women, so check with a medical professional before applying oils if you are pregnant.

Carrier & Essential Oil Benefits


Organic High Oleic Safflower Carrier Oil (Sourced from Mexico): Linoleic Acid, Anti-acne, facilitation of regeneration of new skin cells

Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Allows more oxygen to enter the lungs, promote vigor and vitality, anti-inflammatory, analgesic

Clove Essential Oil: Aphrodesiac, Immune-boosting, increasing circulation, stress-reducing, relieves headaches, analgesic

Lemon Essential Oil: Spiritual and psychic awareness, calming, relief of indigestion, increased concentration, immune-boosting, clearing the nasal passages, antiseptic, skin brightening, anti-depressant.

Cinnamon Essential Oil: Anti-inflammatory, improved circulation, anti-depressant, anti-viral, immune-boosting, aphrodesiac

Rosemary Essential Oil: Treats eczema, alleviates dry skin, improves cognitive function, (including memory and concentration), anti-depressant.

Peppermint Essential Oil:  clears blockages in the blood, lymph, stomach, and gallbladder.  It also alleviates depression and emotional disturbances/imbalance.  It improves circulation and stimulates the digestive system.


Peppermint oil clears stagnation in the blood, lymph, stomach and gallbladder. It also breaks emotional blockages.

Each Abhyanga massage oil is hand-poured and made to order. Not sure if Kapha oil is right for you? Take a dosha quiz to find out!