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Yinsa for US

GROUP services for families, friends & teams


Share the positive vibes

with those around you

We often see that there are couples, families, or groups of friends or colleagues looking to make lifestyle changes that allow them to lead healthier, happier lives. 

Sometimes, the best catalyst for change is the support of those around you.

 In fact, research shows that people often see more success in wellness in groups than when attempting to make changes alone.

Yinsa provides group services for those looking to build collaboration in a team or wellness in a family. We like to call these wellness parties and mindfulness meetings. 

Fire is one of the five ayurvedic elements.

How can yinsa help US?

less STRESS + more community = life inspired

Yinsa provides solutions to both acute and chronic stress by introducing self-care practices including yoga and ayurvedic wellness. Practicing the Yinsa lifestyle, especially in a group setting, can transform your life in powerful ways.

Yinsa can help you and your family, friends or team...


Manage stress

improve skin

gain confidence



reduce anxiety



Private Yoga Practice

for your group, team, or event

Need to introduce a yoga practice to your employees? Your high school students? Your church or synagogue? Group yoga classes can be offered at the beginning or end of a work day, or even during a lunch hour. The style and level of practice can be customized to suit your group's needs, to ensure that everyone present experiences the benefits of Yinsa yoga.

$19 per person / 5 people / 60 minutes

$16 per person / 6-10 people / 60 minutes

events with 10+ People / please inquire


host a wellness workshop

introduce yinsa, ayurveda and meditation to others

Yinsa is now offering Ayurvedic and meditative workshops to the public! These workshops are the perfect way to introduce the concepts of Yinsa, Ayurveda, and meditation at your next public or private event. Workshops cover a variety of topics including Ayurveda, Doshas, Yin Yoga, essential oil therapy, meditation and more!

Contact Daniele to schedule your next workshop.

$199 USD / 1.5 HOURS



guided group meditation

A fully-customized experience

Typically, the introduction of a regular meditation practice is essential to achieve the goals you set for personal growth. Yinsa supports this process through the development of a customized meditative experience designed specifically for your group or team.

During your private group meditation session, we'll introduce basic meditative techniques that individuals in your group can use daily on their own. We can continue to practice together as often as you'd like, or we can meet to reflect and revise practices depending on season, group goals, and more.

Yinsa's guided group meditations are excellent for promoting a positive group environment.

$99 USD / 30 MINUTES


to begin planning your next group event

Change your lifestyle by embracing the Yinsa way of life.
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