A Simple Self-care Routine Mom's Can Stick To

Being a mother is hard, rewarding, exhausting, and incredible.


Anyone who is a mother, or who has witnessed a mother-child relationship, knows this to be true. As a mother you will come to realize, if you haven’t already, that many well-intending humans will offer you a great deal of unsolicited advice on how to navigate the mother-child relationship, as well as the relationship you have with yourself. This can be helpful, but often times feels unrealistic or impossible to achieve.

This blog post does not intend to offer you unrealistic or impossible advice. Instead, the intention is simply to offer you tools you can incorporate in to your daily routine to help you feel cared-for.

latte mama.png

At this point you’re probably thinking “Oh great, another blog post preaching self-care.” Just for a moment we invite you to put down the defenses, put down the to-do list, put down the weight of the world – and simply ask yourself “What is it that YOU need in this moment to feel good?”

A nap? 10 minutes on your yoga mat? Someone to hold your baby while you wash your face? Mama - we hear you.

Of course, a vacation, a massage, or a personal chef would make all the difference right about now. However, for many of us these items are not exactly realistic.

What is realistic is setting aside just a few minutes each day to care for yourself. As a mother who knows just how sacred those 10 minutes of freedom can be, I HIGHLY encourage you to make the best of them. How? By ordering the custom facial oil, by indulging yourself with the body scrub you’ve been eyeing, by using the special soap.

We are not here to convince you that quality skincare products are the answer to all your parenting woes. However, YINSA is a business born from a single mother living in New York City who desperately needed a little bit of self-care, so we do consider ourselves experts on the subject. We firmly believe that a simple morning skincare routine can become a ritual. A ritual that sets the tone for our day, grounds us, and helps us feel connected to self. We think of this as our Dinacharya, an Ayurvedic term that refers to a routine that invites health and grounding energy into daily living. 

Alright, you ready? You’ve got 10 minutes to transform your bathroom into a spa, treat yourself, and be done in time to get the kids out the door. The good news? It can be done! If you are wondering what this daily ritual of self-care, or Dinacharya, may look like – here is an example using our Facial Care Starter Pack:

LovePack Instructions.png

It’s that simple. Now, when the rest of your day becomes a blur of children, work and to-do’s; you know you have at least started the day by nourishing yourself. In yoga we always say you can’t pour from an empty cup; on an airplane you are instructed to put your own oxygen mask on first. Whatever metaphor suits you; the message remains: You must take care of yourself in order to take care of others.